NIOSH has funded research projects and epidemiologic studies designed to help answer critical questions about physical and mental health conditions related to the September 2001 terrorist attacks. The areas of interest for these studies include: biomarkers of exposures or health outcomes; epidemiologic studies; exposure-response relationships; improvements in diagnosis and treatment; patterns of illness (age, gender, etc.); risk factors for disease; and other research studies on WTC-related health conditions or emerging conditions.

Below is a list of projects and studies currently underway. Included in the list is a description, the name of the principle investigator, and contact information for each project:

Agreements Awarded in FY 2015
Agreements Awarded in FY 2014
Agreements Awarded in FY 2013
Agreements Awarded in FY 2012
Agreements Awarded in FY 2011


Click here for the current citations for articles and publications pertaining to the World Trade Center. For some items, abstracts are available. Items are listed chronologically with the most recent items first.